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The Covid-19 second wave has had a disastrous impact on us all living in India.
The product community is coming together for providing Covid-relief and trying to ease the suffering of families caught in the eye of the pandemic storm - with donations from you.

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Socially verified organisations that you can donate to

Here are some organisations that you can help enable to tackle the ill effects of the global pandemic
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Socially verified by @nikhiljoisr , @Nameet , @AggyAbhishek , @shashankmehta05 and @Pentropy. They have donated- have you?

Donated? We have a return gift for you!

The top industry leaders of various companies are offering their bright minds and their valuable time to those who are willing to help them in their efforts to raise funds for the fight.

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A few more useful resources

We have curated a list of the most helpful sites, for your various needs. Please do have a look.

A few more useful resources

We have curated a list of the most helpful sites, for your various needs. Please do have a look.

If you are a donor or recovered patient, please check this out

Folks in India reading this, there are too many stories on IG for donors & patients in need. This info is lost quickly. 20L patients have recovered from Dec last year - if you are one, please fill the form below - your country needs you
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Updates on what we do/ have done so far

We are trying our best to make sure every cry for help gets heard and every resource that is available is put to good use.
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Why is The Product Folks & Creators of Product doing this?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the shape of a disaster in the second wave. There are different sections of the society affected by what's happening in India and this is an initiative to help them raise more money. These are personally verified fundraisers that are creating genuine impact on the ground and we wish to support them by driving more attention towards what they're doing.

We are a corporate/ brand/ organization, we would like to support you, how do we reach you?

Please mail us at and we will connect you to the concerned team.

How long does it take for the funds to be disbursed to people in need?

The time to disburse funds depends on the organisations that you donate to. Please visit their website for more clarity on the matter. All links are mentioned in the section above.

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